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Adam Weinberg (Mr. Tint of New England) has owned and operated Mr. Tint glass tinting shops since 1981.

"I started in my parents garage until we grew too large. We used to have our automotive customers sit on the front porch of my home to wait for their cars. Until one day my mother in her bathrobe opened the front door and jumped out of her skin. Needless to say we moved soon after. Since that monumental day we soon found a great location on Memorial Ave in West Springfield Ma. We grew rapidly throughout the years, because of our great customer service, low prices, and our commitment to giving the customer the best possible window film on the market. Price was never a concern," says Adam, "quality and a commitment to service was most important."

Four locations later, we are serving virtually the entire northeast. People call Mr. Tint for our same day service, lifetime warranties, expertise, and our large selection of quality window films. As a matter of fact we travel all over the United States tinting buildings because of my reputation to get the job done as fast as possible, without problems or delay. Speed is essential and sometimes we work through the night to complete the job.

Being the largest glass tinting company enables us to carry many of the highest quality window films, such as Solargard, Johnson, and Madico. Quality is what counts, but what counts even more is the speed of our service. Our residential and commercial customers see us within minutes after their call. Our fleet service gives us the opportunity to tint your home or office within days of our appointment. Again service is paramount to building a business. Finally, call one of our locations for a free estimate and you'll see why people come to Mr. Tint.

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