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Improve Appearance
Commercial window films are the most cost-effective way to rejuvenate a property's exterior appearance. They make building exteriors more attractive by eliminating visual clutter and giving them a uniform appearance. Commercial window films can easily be coordinated with the property's interior or exterior for a more contemporary look. Even older properties take a dramatic leap forward in appearance with commercial window film.

Big Energy Savings
Commercial window films help reduce energy bills by rejecting up to 77 percent of the sun’s total solar energy. In summer, or in year-round tropical climates, the film reduces the strain on HVAC chillers by blocking the sun's heat. During the winter, films help insulate the glass. The result is reduced operating expenses. Less money is going to your energy providers and more goes to your bottom line.

Improve Comfort
Experts in the hospitality industry agree, comfortable guests are more likely to return. Commercial window film makes guests more comfortable by eliminating annoying "hot spots" in guest rooms and common gathering areas. Films also reduce glare and increase privacy. Guests are able to pull back the drapes and enjoy the view without giving up their privacy.

Reduce Fading
The sun's ultraviolet light causes draperies, carpets, and furnishings and other soft goods to fade. Commercial window films reject up to 98 percent of the sun's harmful and damaging ultraviolet light, prolonging the life of your furnishings and soft goods. In addition, films help protect hotel guests from this health threat.

Increase Safety
Commercial films provide the look of expensive tinted glass with added shatter resistance. Face it, accidents happen, but commercial films can reduce the risk of glass related injury. Although not rated as safety films, commercial films have a strong adhesive system that bonds the film to the glass. Glass with commercial window film becomes stronger and more shatter resistance. If an accident does happen, glass is more likely to stay in place reducing the chance of dangerous airborne shards.

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