Want to Own Your Own Business?
Whether you are expanding on an existing business or opening a new one, Mr. Tint of New England will help you succeed and gain control of your financial future with hands-on training and valuable business knowledge.

The money your customer spends on automotive tinting will improve the look of their vehicle and protect the interior better than any other aftermarket product. Your customers will appreciate the value of their investment and you will make a nice profit.


Expand Your Existing Business

  • Do you currently own an auto accessory business such as a stereo shop, detail shop or a glass shop?
  • Would you like to increase sales?
  • Stop losing money to other installers!

Auto Window Tinting marries very well with any type of auto accessory business or any business dealing with autos. It is one of the fastest growing high profit products available in the auto aftermarket today! You already have the customer base, and a lot expenses are already being paid: the rent, utilities, etc. The additional advertising cost is none to minimal.

Demand for qualified distributors and installers have always been high. Presently, the industry is unable to keep up with the exploding popularity of auto tinting! Shortages of installers have severely limited the number of autos some shops can take in.

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